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About CTLA

Founded in 1954, the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) and its public and professional education arm Connecticut Civil Justice Foundation (CJF) are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of Connecticut citizens and its consumers.
CTLA’s focus within the Connecticut legislative and judicial branches along with its careful watch of regulatory agencies exists to ensure that Connecticut citizens and legislators become familiar and appreciate the rights under the Connecticut legal and regulatory system and to ensure these rights are safeguarded and protected.

Every day we read of special interests, like big insurance companies, drug companies and large national and multi-national corporations:

•    Defend, delay and deny fair and just insurance claims;
•    defraud their customers;
•    produce unsafe products;
•    pollute our environment;
•    defraud employees and shareholders;
•    and put our citizens and small businesses at risk.

These interests, usually through corporate funded shadowy organizations like the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA), American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce dominate our political process and through their lobbyists demand state legislatures take draconian and often “unconstitutional” steps to limit access to our courts or, stand in the way of attempts to level the playing field for injured workers and victims of negligent behavior.
The Civil Justice System, embodied in the 7th Amendment of the Constitution, remains the fabric of a fair and just society. Protection of this system guaranteeing a fair and independent judiciary is the root of our democracy.

Trial Lawyers, who seek fair compensation for their clients and act to correct negligent behavior through our courts, have ensured accountability from these most powerful of interests. Oftentimes, in the only realm left to the injured, our civil courts where all parties are viewed as equal.

The Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) is committed to preserving these basic rights and to providing the finest continuing legal education and public programming in the area of trial law for our members and appreciation for the civil justice system for our citizens.